Happy Tails: Barley and Hops

Michelle adopted Barley (Jackson during his time with us) from Black Cat Rescue in 2010. She met several of our other cats (and patiently dealt with some scheduling issues on our end!) before falling in love with Barley. Since then, Barley has moved to Chicago and Michelle has been great about keeping us posted!

Barley is still doing well with us, and we are still thrilled to have him (of course). Barley is so attractive and charming that he has convinced our friends, who are now looking to adopt a cat, to get a black cat!

When Michelle began to consider adopting another cat, this time in the Chicago area, she reached out to us for input. About a month later, we got this great update!

Thanks for the advice. I’m glad you remembered after all that time. I did indeed get another cat, a 7-year-old female named Hops (quite spunky for a 7-year-old). After about a month, now, I can finally trust them together unsupervised. I think they are becoming friends. Here are some pictures.

Now Barley and Hops watch the world go by together….

…explore together….

…and take a well-deserved rest together!

In adopting Hops, Michelle took a chance on an older cat and coudn’t be happier with her decision to add Hops to the family!

Hops, my 7-year-old, is extremely playful and is spunkier than my parents’ 2-year-old. She has popped her head out of many surprising closet shelves and bookshelves, and keeps Barley well-entertained. Just an example of how older cats can be just as energetic and wacky as younger cats.

Cheers to Barley and Hops!!

2 responses to “Happy Tails: Barley and Hops

  1. I am cat lover and like to read about cats. Ive added your page to my facebook. I have a black cat–and his name is Radier–a very unique cat–He is three years old and he was an abandoned kitten that a vet tech rescued. I got Raider from a vet hospital and I love him.

  2. Lovely story & pictures 🙂

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