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Special Guest Post: Parker’s Story; The Adoption!

Parker on his first day out from under the bed. The clearest shot available of this wiggly kitten! Like lightning!

I moved to Boston without a cat. The guy I was dating was allergic (Note to self: That should’ve been your first clue it wasn’t going to work out!) and our apartment was tiny, so bringing the cat I’d grown up with was out of the question. That kicked off a 5 year period of cat-less living. When I finally had the opportunity to welcome a feline companion back into my life, I scoured the city for just the right match. It turns out finding a cat is a lot like online dating. Lots of them look awesome online, and then you get there and there just isn’t that spark that you’d hoped for. I’d been to a number of shelters and homes, each time disappointed and feeling terrible for having left a perfect lovely fuzzy little guy or girl behind.

One day I went to an adoption event planning to come away disappointed again and instead I fell absolutely in love. There in the crate was a quiet black kitten, patiently gazing at his rambunctious brothers and sisters with bright green eyes. I asked to hold him, and he settled in against my shoulder, looking around calmly while all the other cats cried about the hectic, unfamiliar surroundings. When he’d had enough he looked at me and quietly meowed. I’d finally met The One.

I started the adoption process right away. His foster mom had a hard time letting go, but I made sure to keep in constant touch, got my references and adoption fees to her within 24 hours, and got my apartment ready for his arrival. After what felt like ages, I brought him home with me, where he promptly hid under the bed for the next 24 hours. I don’t know what conclusions he came to while he was under there, but the next day he ventured out and was immediately snuggly and friendly to every person and cat he met. He’s never looked back.

Parker continues to be a snuggler, a friendly kneader and a curious guy who likes to have his belly scratched. I’m so proud to be a black cat owner, and wouldn’t have it any other way! We’ve had some great adventures in the seven years since the day we met. Check back here to read more of our story, coming soon!

Have you adopted a black cat? How did you meet?

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Happy Tail: Monkey

Do any of you remember our first adventure in kitten taming? It was a challenge! And the littlest one, Tall (Yes, we named them after the Starbucks cup sizes!) was the hardest nut to crack. However, she is now a happy adult cat- with just a little trace of her former, feral kitten self.

From her adopter, Kymm…

After my sister adopted sunshine (now OREO), it got me thinking about sending an update on Monkey (formerly the Starbucks Kitty Tall). She is turning 4 this year and is still a lovely bundle of joy. She does have her moments though of being naughty and is still shy with new people.  We live in Florida now, and she is a happy bundle of joy.  She and Spirit (my other cat who is going to be 7 this year) are always chasing each other around the house and playing non-stop. Hope all is well with you all and great job with everything that you do.

Special Guest Post: Black Cat Travel Tips

If you’re thinking about bringing Tigger on your next vacation, keep in mind that cats can be temperamental travel companions. Whether you’re traveling by air or on land, there are some important things that you should remember before packing the car and setting out with your feline friend.

Visit the Vet

If you’re traveling by plane or other public transit, you might need to show proof of your cat’s vaccinations and health. Visit the vet beforehand and make sure everything is up to date. You might even want to ask if the vet recommends a mild sedative to make the trip easier for your pal.

Practice Makes Purrfect

Take your cat in the car with you a few times before setting out on the open road. You might also want to let them sleep in their carrier a few times before the trip. This will acclimate them to it and will lessen the shock once you actually set out on the trip.

 Check Your Itinerary

If you’ll be staying in hotels or other public spaces, check to see what each place’s pet policy is. You’ll want to make sure they don’t have any sort of restrictions on weight or number of animals.

Consistency is Key

Animals have much more sensitive digestive systems than humans so instead of switching up your cat’s dietary habits while on vacation, bring their regular food. Vacation is a terrible time for your pet to get sick. Keep their food consistent and slowly wean them off of your local water. Water quality varies from city to city so bring a gallon of your tap water with you and slowly start introducing your cat to the local water.

Before You Leave

Feed your cat about 4 or 5 hours before you set off on the trip. This will give the food time to settle and will prevent any discomfort or vomiting for your furry friend.

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Special Guest Post: If a Black Cat Crosses Your Path, It Could Be Famous!

If you’re here on this dedicated site, odds are you already know how fabulous black cats can be, but maybe you want some more information to use to convince the rest of the world (so cynical, they are).  And what’s more convincing than celebrities?!

I’ve compiled a non-exhaustive list (that still managed to include most of my favorites somehow, 😉 ) of famous black—or pretty much black—cats.  Some you may already know about, others you may just need to be reminded of.  Heck, maybe you’ll even learn about a few new ones!  So use this information however you want, for your own entertainment and education and/or for the entertainment and education of others. Remember, this is just further evidence that black cats ROCK.

Boo Boo Kitty– (Laverne and Shirley, TV Show) Boo Boo kitty wasn’t a “real” kitty, but that didn’t make him any less important to Shirley (Cindy Williams)— for example, she was rather irate when she found her best friend Laverne using him as a pin cushion.  Boo Boo kitty would listen to all of Shirley’s troubles and offer only comfort and understanding.   I imagine we’ve all had a Boo Boo kitty at one point, and who better one to understand feeling misunderstood than a sweet, black kitty?

Isis– (Star Trek, TV Show) Sometimes a beautiful woman, and most of the time a lovely black cat (but always with a stunning collar), Isis was agent Gary Seven’s partner.  Isis and Gary were not only partners who went everywhere together and watched over each other, but they also shared a telepathic link!  Played by an attractive specimen of black feline named Sambo, Isis was very deserving of the sparkling stones around her neck, and—in cat form at least—embodied what all cat owners would love to have with their pets: a loving relationship AND THE ABILITY TO TALK TO EACH OTHER.

Cat– (Red Dwarf, British TV Show) Possibly the last member of his species, Felis sapiens, Cat looks like a human—aside from some very sharp eye teeth— but is very faithful in his actions to the cats his people evolved from.  Danny John-Jules, an absurdly talented African-American gentleman, created a loveable, vain, aloof, arrogant character obsessed with grooming and very particular about his wardrobe.   Though Cat starts off as incredibly self-serving, he does warm up to characters Lister and Kryten but, in true feline fashion, he does not love everyone; the obnoxious Rimmer continues to receive a hearty helping of Cat’s comedic and sharp(rough?)-tongued antipathy.

Winky– (Escape to Witch Mountain, Film) When I was a kid I loved Disney movies, but only the animated films.  One exception to my policy, however, was Escape to Witch Mountain.  I desperately wanted psychic powers and a big, black cat like Winky.  Winky was loyal, clever, and “good with dogs.”  He even retrieved a lost set of keys from the beach!  Even now (the film came out in 1975) whenever I ask people if they’ve seen the movie, one of the first things they always mention is Winky (so named because of his tendency to wink, of course).  He WAS pretty unforgettable.

Penelope Pussy Cat– (Looney Tunes, Cartoon) If the name doesn’t ring a bell it’s because you probably know her best as whatever saccharine pet name Pepe Le Pew is calling after her as she desperately tries to avoid his very pungent affections.  Penelope is the first tuxedo on this list, but not the last.  This long-suffering kitty was often ingenious in her attempts to evade Pepe’s amorous advance, but my favorite episode remains “For Scent-imental reasons” in which Pepe ends up painted blue and Penelope turns the tables on him, frolicking after him in a love-crazed trance.

Sylvester J. Pussycat– (Looney Tunes, Cartoon) Everyone knows the second tuxedo on this list and his very syllabant lisp—which was always made quite evident by his hallmark phrase, “sufferin’ succotash.”  Though he’s usually the antagonist, I like Sylvester much better than that annoying Tweety bird he’s always trying to eat (or Speedy Gonzales). Again we have a cat that devises almost ingenious plans and, best of all, he won’t. Give. Up.   Brains and determination?  A cat after my own heart.  One of Sylvester’s claims to fame is that he has “met his end” the most of any Looney Tunes character— a dubious honor for some, but a point of pride for a cat.  Why have nine lives if you’re not going to use them?

Snowball– (The Simpsons, TV Show) Over the last 20 plus years, the Simpsons have gone through several cats—most in a single episode and most named Snowball.  Currently, the Simpson family shares their home with a retired greyhound and a VERY dark grey cat named Snowball II. However, this cat is technically Snowball V, but—in order to not have to purchase a new food bowl—it was decided to rename her Snowball II.  This decision worked well as Snowballs II and V look, act, and sound EXACTLY alike.  Though rarely playing a featured role in an episode, this nearly black kitty can often be seen either curled up with Santa’s Little Helper (the dog) or in the background of a scene, doing her own thing.

Socks– (First Cat) While he wasn’t the first cat to grace the Whitehouse with his presence, he certainly became the most famous.  An adorable tuxedo—the third and final one on the list—, Socks spent Bill Clinton’s entire presidency as First Cat.  Socks was such a popular figure that a cartoon version of him guided children through the White House website.  The presidential feline also visited schools and hospitals, and had his own children’s book.  Not bad for a little, black, stray kitty!

Tommaso– You may not have heard of this Italian boy, but you’ll wish you knew him!  Tommaso’s claim to fame lies in the Guinness Book of World records; Tommaso is the world’s richest cat.  His owner, Maria Assunta loved him so much that she left her entire estate (estimated to amount to $13 million) to him when she passed away in 2011.  Even more interesting, the cat who held the record before Tommaso (and had since 1988), was also a black cat, aptly named Blackie.  Considering both of the wealthy owners died well into old age, it sounds like these boys were full of love and good luck!

What other famous black cats can you think of?

About the author: Ashan Dezoysa loves animals so much that he decided to dedicate his life to them!  Check out his website, especially if you’d like to give your pet a space to call his or her own. When not providing for all your pet needs, Ashan enjoys outdoor activities and loves interacting and conversing with fellow pet lovers. If you’d like to contact him on Twitter, his Twitter ID is Ashan_Dezoysa.