Special Guest Post: Black Cat Travel Tips

If you’re thinking about bringing Tigger on your next vacation, keep in mind that cats can be temperamental travel companions. Whether you’re traveling by air or on land, there are some important things that you should remember before packing the car and setting out with your feline friend.

Visit the Vet

If you’re traveling by plane or other public transit, you might need to show proof of your cat’s vaccinations and health. Visit the vet beforehand and make sure everything is up to date. You might even want to ask if the vet recommends a mild sedative to make the trip easier for your pal.

Practice Makes Purrfect

Take your cat in the car with you a few times before setting out on the open road. You might also want to let them sleep in their carrier a few times before the trip. This will acclimate them to it and will lessen the shock once you actually set out on the trip.

 Check Your Itinerary

If you’ll be staying in hotels or other public spaces, check to see what each place’s pet policy is. You’ll want to make sure they don’t have any sort of restrictions on weight or number of animals.

Consistency is Key

Animals have much more sensitive digestive systems than humans so instead of switching up your cat’s dietary habits while on vacation, bring their regular food. Vacation is a terrible time for your pet to get sick. Keep their food consistent and slowly wean them off of your local water. Water quality varies from city to city so bring a gallon of your tap water with you and slowly start introducing your cat to the local water.

Before You Leave

Feed your cat about 4 or 5 hours before you set off on the trip. This will give the food time to settle and will prevent any discomfort or vomiting for your furry friend.

Logan is a cat lover and loves helping people find the right jet charter when they’re traveling with pets. Teterboro is the airport he likes to travel from most.

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