Happy Tail: Monkey

Do any of you remember our first adventure in kitten taming? It was a challenge! And the littlest one, Tall (Yes, we named them after the Starbucks cup sizes!) was the hardest nut to crack. However, she is now a happy adult cat- with just a little trace of her former, feral kitten self.

From her adopter, Kymm…

After my sister adopted sunshine (now OREO), it got me thinking about sending an update on Monkey (formerly the Starbucks Kitty Tall). She is turning 4 this year and is still a lovely bundle of joy. She does have her moments though of being naughty and is still shy with new people.  We live in Florida now, and she is a happy bundle of joy.  She and Spirit (my other cat who is going to be 7 this year) are always chasing each other around the house and playing non-stop. Hope all is well with you all and great job with everything that you do.


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