Help Xena, Warrior Kitty!

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Xena is an incredibly sweet 13 year old black cat living with diabetes. She was abandoned in her carrier outside of a shelter with a copy of her medical record.

Xena is a very loving cat and deserves some extra TLC during her senior years.

Xena is presently safe and warm in a Black Cat Foster home, getting lots of love from our compassionate Foster Care Coordinator, Daisy. However, the insulin that she requires is very expensive and the cost of her care is mounting rapidly. We have spent over $1,500 so far, and she will require this type of care for the rest of her life.

Xena is a cat that many organizations would have turned away.

She is not “adoptable” by most common standards. However, we believe that Xena has lots more love to give! Please consider helping out a senior black cat with special needs by donating toward the cost of her medical care.

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4 responses to “Help Xena, Warrior Kitty!

  1. I’d recommend you get in touch with Diabetic Cats in Need; they can help you with supplies and their support forums are very helpful for people taking care of diabetic cats.

  2. DCIN may also be able to help with placement and foster homes.

  3. Hello there Xena. Aren’t you a pretty girl?

    I am the Founder and Director of a national rescue called Diabetic Cats in Need. DCIN believes that diabetic cats are adoptable and help to place quite a few into new homes every year. We invite you to post Xena for rehoming on our Facebook page. The instructions for doing that are at

    If you care to contact me at, we can talk about ways to reduce the cost of caring for Xena’s diabetes. For example, many people hometest blood glucose levels for less than $1/day rather than take the cat to the vet for curves, which can cost $100 or more every few weeks. DCIN also may be able to help provide Xena’s insulin and some of her other diabetic supplies.

    I look forward to hearing from you. ~Venita

  4. Judy Schwartzer

    Is it possible that she was left in her carrier in your vicinity w med records because her family couldn’t afford her care, didn’t want her to die, and didn’t know where else to turn? Believe me, I know abandonment is horribly wrong! I just wish real help was more visible! How can such visibility happen?

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