Happy Tails: Delilah



Another Happy Tail here at BCR! Delilah was adopted by her wonderful foster mom, Amara. “I’m so thrilled to have now officially adopted Delilah,” writes Amara in an email to BCR last week. Delilah’s adoption is especially important for BCR because she’s something of a celebrity– her likeness was featured on a SocialPakt shirt last year!

Third time’s the charm for Delilah. After two attempts, she has finally landed in her perfect forever home. Here at BCR, we encourage adopters to reach out to us in the future should the need ever arise. For Delilah, that need arose twice. But it must be kismet, because Delilah is in a home where she is truly loved for the sweet lady she is.

Delilah is a reserved, well-behaved kitty. Amara really felt her special bond with Delilah was too special to give up when Delilah ran over and purred to comfort Amara after a moment of clumsiness. “Then I heard some purring and opened my eyes to see that she had silently come over to me, seemingly to make sure I was okay. My heart is so warmed to know that we have each other.”

Yay! We’re so happy for you, Delilah and Amara!


Delilah enjoying the view from the window.


3 responses to “Happy Tails: Delilah

  1. Kathleen Dailey

    I’m so happy Delilah found the right forever home! When she was staying with me in her foster home, I discovered how special she was! Delilah will delight you with lots of purring and lots of love!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Kathleen! What was your favorite Delilah moment?

  3. I LOVE it that I have found your blog!!! Black cats get such a bad rap and being a foster parent, I know it only too well. My latest foster Magnum, is a gorgeous 6-9 year old male who is totally BLACK and we love him already!!!!!!! So let’s hear it for the black kitties the world over!!!

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