Even more Happy Tails! Buddha has been adopted!

Black Cat Rescue has been so lucky to celebrate a bunch of adoptions lately! We calls these “Happy Tails” and we’re here to share another black cat’s happy ending!

Buddha in his foster home.

Buddha is one of the friendliest cats we’ve ever met. He was not cut out for life on the mean streets and contracted feline immunodeficiency virus. FIV is typically transferred through deep bite wounds; FIV is not transferred through casual, friendly contact or through sharing facilities like a litter box and food bowl.

Handsome Buddha.

Buddha’s adoptive mom has done tons of research on Buddha’s condition, and we’re confident she will give him the greatest life a cat can have. Buddha will have other four-legged companions in his new family. He already has a favorite– when Buddha met his new Chihuahua brother during his foster visit, he rubbed himself all over his new brother! Clearly Buddha is a lover and will get plenty of it in his new home!

In fact, here he is already soaking up the love in his new home– right out of the kitty carrier. Congratulations and best of luck to Buddha and his new family.

Buddha in his new home!

Soaking up the love!


2 responses to “Even more Happy Tails! Buddha has been adopted!

  1. Congratulations! This is AMAZING news and I couldn’t be happier for Buddha and Black Cat Rescue!!!

  2. Barbara Johnson

    I am the person who found Buddha on the streets with a hurt leg. He immediately demonstrated his incredible resilience and love for people. He was so calm despite being humanely trapped, rushed to a vet and handled by so many strangers, hence the name Buddha. Unfortunately I was unable to keep him and Black Cat Rescue stepped up to provide this amazing guy the support he needed until a home could be found. I am so glad he is finally in a place where he can stay and soak up the love. And he will give plenty in return. He is a remarkable creature. He deserves the very best life has to offer after a tough start to life. Thank you so much to Black Cat Rescue and his new family. You have gotten one amazingly special cat with Buddha. He will always have a place in my heart.

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