Happy Tails: Nina has been adopted!

It’s a great week for Nina! We are so pleased to announce that Nina has been adopted by Will! Since her new home is the start of a great new chapter for Nina, she has a new name to go with it: Shadow.

Shadow and her new dad, Will!

Will was looking for a new cat who would be comfortable as a single cat in his apartment. Black Cat Rescue lined up a few visits to foster homes, but he fell in love with Shadow on his first foster visit. Shadow lived with 5 other cats in her foster home, but her foster mom thought that Shadow would enjoy being a single, spoiled kitty. And boy, was she right!

Right out of the carrier at her new home, Shadow was brushing up to Will looking for attention and affection. Immediately after that, she found the basket of toys Will had so thoughtfully prepared for her. After that, Shadow was lost to the wonder of her excellent new life and we are absolutely sure she will be spoiled the way she deserves for long, happy years to come. Congratulations, Shadow and Will! We are so happy for you.

Shadow strolled right out of her carrier and headed straight for Will!

Second item on the agenda: the basket of toys.

Somehow we think she’ll do just fine as a single cat.

Congratulations to Shadow. We wish her and Will the very, very best!


5 responses to “Happy Tails: Nina has been adopted!

  1. This is the BEST news ever! I’m so thrilled for Shadow and her new Daddy Will.

  2. We are soooo happy for her!!! We loved having her in our home and wish Will a happy life with his baby girl.. Love Holly and Dietsch and our kitties

  3. ConCATulations to Shadow and Dad Will! 🙂

  4. what a cute couple!

  5. That is so great. She doesn’t looked stressed at all about being in her new digs. Obviously this was meant to be. Congrats!

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