Happy Tails: Oscar has been adopted!

We are very pleased to announce that Oscar has found his forever home! Oscar, an handsome gentleman of 9, came to us in mid-August after he was found as a stray. He was sent to a high-volume shelter, but the environment was too stressful for him. Black Cat Rescue was able to set up Oscar with a cushy foster home in which to wait for his new forever family.

Oscar showing off his beautiful pirate face!

And what a short wait it was! After a mere 2 weeks, Oscar was adopted! His foster mom, Holly, met with old business associates who happened to mention they were in search of a feline companion for their mother. Like any excellent foster volunteer, Holly seized the opportunity to talk about Oscar. It was love at first sight.

With a face like this, we are NOT surprised he has been snapped up so quickly.

Oscar is so friendly, chatty, and playful– no one at BCR is surprised he has been snapped up so quickly. With his dashing coloring and gorgeous long coat, Oscar looks like the cutest pirate we’ve ever seen. His looks alone are enough to win over almost anyone, but he is also a very charming rogue. When anyone comes into the house, he immediately greets them and tells them all about his adventures that day.

Oscar is not shy and came straight out of his carrier to meet his new family.

Oscar’s new home is sure to be amazing. He will rarely be alone, so he’ll always have a fellow conversationalist to enjoy. In addition, he will have tons of new toys and people to fawn over him! The best part: his new Dad will be making him a new bed out of an old drum. Oscar will certainly be living in the lap of kitty luxury.

In true Oscar fashion, he hit the ground running. Err… playing!

Congratulations to Oscar and his new family! We are so happy for you all and we hope you’ll update us on Oscar’s excellent new life in the future.

Oscar isn’t the only amazing cat we have in foster care, view our other adoptable cats on Petfinder here: http://goo.gl/iVwrGF

Help support black cats like Oscar by making a donation to Black Cat Rescue on Paypal: http://goo.gl/Ym61P


4 responses to “Happy Tails: Oscar has been adopted!

  1. HOORAY for Oscar – what a wonderful new beginning for him! Gotta love adoption stories :))

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