Happy Tails: Mini has been adopted!

After 6 months in her Black Cat Rescue foster home, we are thrilled to announce that Mini has been adopted!

Mini and Cindy at home!

Mini came to Black Cat Rescue when her family moved away and was unable to take her with them. She was surrendered to a local shelter but her tendency to over-groom quickly became a concern for shelter staff. Stress tends to exacerbate over-grooming, and shelters are stressful! When the shelter contacted BCR, we agreed that it would be best if Mini waits for her new family in a Black Cat Rescue foster home instead of the shelter. Foster Volunteer Susanna was able to work with Mini and get her over-grooming issues cleared up, allowing her fur to grow back.

Beautiful Mini in her new home.

The lovely Mini generated plenty of adoption interest and many visits to her foster home, but no new forever family. Mini couldn’t seem to connect with any of her visitors! Then Cindy came along and it was an instant love connection! Mini bonded with Cindy in just the way that we were hoping.

Cindy has a beautiful home with another cat, Max, to keep Mini company. Mini’s bald patches and minor gluttony were not a deterrent for Cindy because Max has similar challenges. We anticipate that Mini and Max will be two peas in a pod!

Cindy learns about Mini during her adoption visit in Mini’s foster home in Somerville. We featured this photo on Facebook and a few of our supporters knew something special was in the works for Mini!

Congratulations to Cindy and Mini! We are SO happy for you. After an extended stay in foster care, Mini has landed in the perfect forever home and we wish you all the best for the future!


4 responses to “Happy Tails: Mini has been adopted!

  1. I LOVE this happy ending!!! How wonderful for Mini and Cindy both (and lest we forget Max who I’m sure will be a great friend in time). What amazing work you are doing – keep it up!!

  2. I am so happy to hear this 🙂

  3. Cindy, you have made me so happy. I’ve been following Mini’s tale for months because I have a cat named Mini who looks EXACTLY like your Mini, down to the white patch beneath her chin. It’s uncanny. I have been posting and reposting and telling friends to take in this Boston Mini … my New York Mini girl makes me happy every day and I hope your Mini does the same. Thank you for having such a big heart!

  4. Congrats! That’s awesome! I am so glad you all are doing such great work for these underappreciated kitties! They are precious!

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