Happy Tails: Buddha has been adopted! (Again!)

Feeling lucky!

Buddha came to Black Cat Rescue as a found stray who had contracted FIV on the streets. Despite his time on the mean streets, Buddha is especially friendly and loving- even with dogs!

Brian contacted Black Cat Rescue, compassionately looking for a cat who may otherwise be overlooked. He was also hoping for a cat who likes dogs. There was no question that Brian had to meet Buddha!

Jack in his wonderful new home.

And boy, were we right! Brian immediately fell in love and Buddha was soon off to his new home. “It was a wonderful experience — I still can’t believe it!” We heard from Brian about the transition the next day:

Once he was home and out of the crate, he was so quick to become acclimated to my house and my roommates. They’ve fallen in love with him, too!

Many potential adopters are nervous about a cat that is FIV+, but Brian doesn’t mind. Many FIV+ cats live long, healthy lives with a few reasonable precautions. One of the most important precautions for cat living with FIV is a strictly indoor lifestyle, which Buddha has enjoyed since coming to Black Cat Rescue.

Congratulations to Buddha! He has a wonderful new home and a new name to start his new life:

Though the name “Buddha” does capture his calm attitude and wise, pudgy demeanor, I settled on another name — one of my old teachers from California, another wise man I am happy to have in my life: Jack!

Jack’s first nail clipping in his new home.

Please visit www.blackcatrescue.com to learn more about our mission to save black cats.


9 responses to “Happy Tails: Buddha has been adopted! (Again!)

  1. This is so wonderful! I’m so happy for Buddha/Jack and thank the heavens for amazing adopters like Brian.

  2. Hooray for Brian and Jack! Congrats!

  3. I am the person who found Buddha on the streets and fell so much in love with him. I am so happy and hopeful for him. Thank you Brian for seeing how special this guy is. An amazing cat.

    • Barbara! A special thanks to you for finding Buddha. Did you name him? He is so wise and special, just like Buddha!

      • Barbara Johnson

        Yes Brian, he showed up in my yard in Springfield walking on 3 legs. I get alot of strays so I set the humane trap but as soon as I got him into a crate it was clear he was a loving sweetheart. First thing was trip to vet to check his leg, then back to my laundry room and through it all he stayed calm and sweet. Hence the name. I wish I could have kept him but I have 8 already, 5 males and it just wasn’t the right setting for him. I have rescued dozens of cats and you have to let them go when you find them the right situation but Buddha really stuck with me. Even with an injured leg, he would do a 3 legged cartwheel when I petted him. He really touched me. So glad he found a loving home with someone who appreciates his special zen qualities. Give him a scratch for me.

      • Will do! Done and done! I love him so much, and happy to have him around. ❤ thank you again

  4. Oh wow, thank you ALL for the love! I am so happy to have Jack/Buddha in my home and in my life. We are both so lucky!

  5. That is great!!! Can’t wait till I see him.

  6. And let’s not forget to thank Black Cat Rescue. They were Buddha/Jack’s salvation. Without him he would not have ended up exactly where he is supposed to be. Thank you BCR!!!!

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