Happy Tails: Maisie has been adopted!

A few weeks ago, Black Cat Rescue welcomed two cats new foster cats- 2 year old Maisie and her nine month old son, Shiloh. Shiloh is still preparing for adoption in his foster home, but Black Cat Rescue is very pleased to announce that Maisie has already been adopted!

Maisie in foster care.

Maisie and Shiloh were very shy upon entering their foster homes. Maisie has gorgeous jet black fur and big olive eyes, but we had no time to admire her because she was hiding! With some time and individual attention in her foster home, Maisie slowly began making progress.

Karen was searching for a companion for herself and her current cat. Maisie is shy with people but loves other cats. A quiet home with one adult and a feline friend is perfect for Maisie! Maisie is one very lucky girl. She gets to come out of her shell in her forever home. Karen is dedicated to helping Maisie come into her own, and we’re so excited that Karen will help this awesome kitty become part of her family. “Maisie is so sweet. Whatever it takes, I’m going to see that she’s happy and okay.”

Congratulations to Maisie! After a very short stay in foster care, she is safely her new home with her forever family and living the good life!

Please visit www.blackcatrescue.com to learn more about our mission to save black cats.


One response to “Happy Tails: Maisie has been adopted!

  1. YAY for Maisie!!! Keep the great stories (and adoptions) coming – they make my day :))

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