Happy Tails: Hannelore has been adopted!

Black Cat Rescue is very pleased to announce that Hannelore has been adopted!

Hannelore in her foster home.

Hannelore came to Black Cat Rescue this summer when our Co-Founder, Jen, met her on a public bus. A good samaritan had found the tiny Hannelore all by herself and was trying to figure out what to do next. Jen introduced herself and within a few hours, Hannelore was in a Black Cat Rescue foster home to grow up and await her forever family.

Hannelore was an instant star on social media and Black Cat Rescue received a ton of adoption inquiries for the tiny baby before she was even old enough to be adopted. How could anyone resist her little face?! It turns out that the early bird really does get the worm– or kitten. Karen’s was the very first adoption profile we received for Hannelore. When she was old enough to be spayed and adopted, Karen was ready and waiting!

Black Cat Rescue foster care involves a lot of kitten cuddling, and Hannelore was an expert from the start.

Hannelore is now in her amazing new home with Karen, a fellow feline and a little dog for company. We wish them all the best!

Please visit http://www.blackcatrescue.com to learn more about our mission to save black cats.


3 responses to “Happy Tails: Hannelore has been adopted!

  1. Love this story. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. This little kitty may have not gotten a chance to grow and get her forever home.

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