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Where are they Meow? Teddie and Toby

Teddie and Toby were adopted together as brothers from Black Cat Rescue back in December 2012. We always do our best to keep bonded pairs together, and Teddie and Toby were no exception!

Teddie and Toby are as close as ever in this new picture from their forever home.

Teddie and Toby are definitely a pair and their adopter reports,  “They are doing very well. Both boys are incredibly mischievous characters.”

If you are able to have more than one cat, give a bonded pair a chance to stay together like Nora did when she opened her heart to Teddie and Toby!

Where are they Meow? Daft and Punk (formerly Squid and Velcro)

Remember Squid and Velcro? When they came to Black Cat Rescue earlier this year, they were tiny feral kittens with no socialization whatsoever. Oh how times have changed! Now the boys are known as Daft (Squid) and Punk (Velcro), and they are super happy in their adoptive home. We checked in with Sam about how the kittens have settled in:

Their favorite toys are an old Ikea dish drain, reusable canvas grocery bags, and the bathtub. Who knew?

Daft and Punk are curious, fun-loving kittens in their new home!

They love playing together.

Daft still loves being held. And I have found that Punk likes to be held like a baby so he can lay his head all the way back when you rub his chin.

Sam cuddling Daft and Punk.

Happy together in their forever home.

Where are they Meow? April (formerly Cookie)

Cookie came to Black Cat Rescue as a 6 month old kitten. She had been found outdoors by kind people who took her in and provided veterinary care and lots of TLC with the intention of keepin her. Unfortunately, their adult cat did not accept Cookie, and she found her way to Black Cat Rescue for her own safety.

Amy adopted Cookie 6 months ago, and now our sweet little kitten is a stunningly gorgeous adult cat named April. Here is what Amy has to say about April’s new life:

“She is doing great! Very affectionate and extremely gentle.”

April keep Amy laughing. “She loves getting into small places like drawers, suitcases and even grocery bags!”

Happy Tails: Charlie has been adopted!

Black Cat Rescue is very pleased to announce the adoption of Charlie!

Charlie is a really great 6 year old cat who came to Black Cat Rescue  in April.   His foster parents said that when Charlie first arrived, he hid from everyone! Over time and with tons of love in his foster home, Charlie blossomed into the sociable, loving, hilarious cat he is today.

Charlie used to be a big scaredy-cat, but now he’s a big cat with an even bigger personality! His foster parents gushed over his loud purr and silly eating habits.

Charlie is one of those cats that’s just plain happy to be with you, whether you want to play or cuddle. He’s got tons of energy, and he loves to play with this mouse toys, but afterwards he is ready to snuggle up next to his person and get his chin scratched.

Charlie sure isn’t shy anymore,. He was all kisses for Amy and Ben!.

When Ben and Amy met Charlie on their visit, it was love at first sight! Even Charlie’s foster family was impressed with how quickly Charlie took to his visitors.

Charlie couldn’t wait to cuddle with Amy and Ben!

Yay for Charlie! He has a great new home and the volunteers at BCR could not be more tickled. After an extended stay in a foster home, Charlie is going to an amazing family that he loves!

Happy Tails: Salem has been adopted!

Salem, a 12 year old black cat, came to us back in April and has patiently waited for his person to come along. Like many of our older cats, Salem was a beloved pet and came to us as a result of extreme hardship. Salem had a difficult time adjusting to all the changes in his life, but he perservered and his happy day has come!

Black Cat Rescue is ecstatic to announce that Salem has been adopted!


Alex met more than one of our foster cats, but as soon as she met Salem, she fell in love!  Salem has a new lease on life, and we wish him many happy years with Alex!

Congratulations to Salem and Alex!

Where are they Meow? Asa Grey (formerly Moo)

Remember Moo?! A little over 6 months ago, Genevieve adopted Moo from Black Cat Rescue. Moo now goes by the name Asa Grey. Asa was found living outdoors with a colony of feral cats, but it was very clear from his nature that he was certainly not feral! Asa deserved the life of a pampered indoor cat, so he came to Black Cat Rescue to  find a new home.

Genevieve has checked in with an update, and it sounds like Asa Grey has settled in and starting ruling his new domain without any qualms. Yay for Asa Grey!

Here’s what Genevieve has to say about her funny guy:

“He is so social now and makes me laugh because, when I wake up, he is staring at me and generally loves to spy on me!”

Since adopting Asa, Genevieve has welcomed a second cat into her home with harmonious results!

“I adopted a second cat, and they are pals.”

Asa Grey is living a happy, active life in his forever home!

“…he runs around the house in leaps and bounds and plays with mouse toys.”

Have you adopted a cat from Black Cat Rescue? We’d love to hear from you!

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