Where are they Meow? Asa Grey (formerly Moo)

Remember Moo?! A little over 6 months ago, Genevieve adopted Moo from Black Cat Rescue. Moo now goes by the name Asa Grey. Asa was found living outdoors with a colony of feral cats, but it was very clear from his nature that he was certainly not feral! Asa deserved the life of a pampered indoor cat, so he came to Black Cat Rescue to  find a new home.

Genevieve has checked in with an update, and it sounds like Asa Grey has settled in and starting ruling his new domain without any qualms. Yay for Asa Grey!

Here’s what Genevieve has to say about her funny guy:

“He is so social now and makes me laugh because, when I wake up, he is staring at me and generally loves to spy on me!”

Since adopting Asa, Genevieve has welcomed a second cat into her home with harmonious results!

“I adopted a second cat, and they are pals.”

Asa Grey is living a happy, active life in his forever home!

“…he runs around the house in leaps and bounds and plays with mouse toys.”

Have you adopted a cat from Black Cat Rescue? We’d love to hear from you!

Please visit blackcatrescue.com to learn more about our mission to save black cats.


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