Happy Tails: Salem has been adopted!

Salem, a 12 year old black cat, came to us back in April and has patiently waited for his person to come along. Like many of our older cats, Salem was a beloved pet and came to us as a result of extreme hardship. Salem had a difficult time adjusting to all the changes in his life, but he perservered and his happy day has come!

Black Cat Rescue is ecstatic to announce that Salem has been adopted!


Alex met more than one of our foster cats, but as soon as she met Salem, she fell in love!  Salem has a new lease on life, and we wish him many happy years with Alex!

Congratulations to Salem and Alex!


5 responses to “Happy Tails: Salem has been adopted!

  1. woot woot!! Go Salem Go!! I mean it..go already dude…you got a home of your own again!!! paw pats, Savannah

  2. Hooray for Salem and bless Alex’s heart for seeing past his age and welcoming him into her life!

  3. Inigo n Westley (cuz Westley tyepz bettur!)

    Iz nais joo haz hoomin, Salem. Onlee bestist hoominz laik uz blakk katz. Ai sends luvz from Orygun. – Inigo, Itty Bitty Black Kitty Committee member

  4. Eugenia Rita Condos

    This Senior Kitty finally being adopted is such wonderful news. Sr. kitties can live up to 20 yrs. & Salem is a healthy boy at 12. Thanks so much for falling in love Alex. And happy tails to Salem who didn’t even have to wait for Nov., which is Senior Cat Adoption month. YES!!

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