Where are they Meow? April (formerly Cookie)

Cookie came to Black Cat Rescue as a 6 month old kitten. She had been found outdoors by kind people who took her in and provided veterinary care and lots of TLC with the intention of keepin her. Unfortunately, their adult cat did not accept Cookie, and she found her way to Black Cat Rescue for her own safety.

Amy adopted Cookie 6 months ago, and now our sweet little kitten is a stunningly gorgeous adult cat named April. Here is what Amy has to say about April’s new life:

“She is doing great! Very affectionate and extremely gentle.”

April keep Amy laughing. “She loves getting into small places like drawers, suitcases and even grocery bags!”


One response to “Where are they Meow? April (formerly Cookie)

  1. sherry vecchione

    I am looking to adopt a very young kitten black ofcourse I have 3 others my 18 yr old passed away 3 weeks ago and my other 3 are missing her so much I think a boabywould be great

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