Where are they Meow? Daft and Punk (formerly Squid and Velcro)

Remember Squid and Velcro? When they came to Black Cat Rescue earlier this year, they were tiny feral kittens with no socialization whatsoever. Oh how times have changed! Now the boys are known as Daft (Squid) and Punk (Velcro), and they are super happy in their adoptive home. We checked in with Sam about how the kittens have settled in:

Their favorite toys are an old Ikea dish drain, reusable canvas grocery bags, and the bathtub. Who knew?

Daft and Punk are curious, fun-loving kittens in their new home!

They love playing together.

Daft still loves being held. And I have found that Punk likes to be held like a baby so he can lay his head all the way back when you rub his chin.

Sam cuddling Daft and Punk.

Happy together in their forever home.


2 responses to “Where are they Meow? Daft and Punk (formerly Squid and Velcro)

  1. I don’t know how I stumbled on your organization’s website (a Boston Chocolate email I think), but I am so glad I did. What an amazing cause you are working for! I have a bleeding heart for rescue pets I am definitely going to attend one of your events in the near future.



  2. They are adorable! Love your blog!

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