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Penelope’s Positive Prognosis

Penelope, or Penny as we’ve grown fond of calling her, came to Black Cat Rescue from a high volume shelter. The shelter terrified Penny, and she was too nervous to attract an adopter in such hectic surroundings. Foster care has allowed Penelope to blossom in a quieter, low-stress environment. And blossomed she has! Penelope is very adventurous, fearlessly exploring every nook and cranny of her foster home. She is willing to check out any spot her poly-dactyl paws will take her! When her curiosity is satisfied, Penny is a chatty sweetheart who loves to cuddle and show off her belly.

Penelope is a sweet, adventurous cat with poly-dactyl paws (thumbs)!

In October, Penelope went in to the veterinarian for routine spay surgery. It was discovered that Penny was already spayed but had a small mass under the skin on her side. We immediately had the mass removed and biopsied. Penny went back into foster care with a cone and stitches while we waited for news. Unfortunately, the biopsy came back to show that Penelope’s mass was a malignant cutaneous mast cell tumor (MCT). The BCR team was devastated and eagerly awaited Penelope’s November appointment with an oncologist.

All we could do was wait for Penelope’s specialist appointment to get a better idea of Penelope’s future.

After a visit with the oncologist, Penelope’s prognosis is better than expected! There is a good chance the tumor won’t come back, and there’s little chance it would spread to organs.  The veterinary oncologist felt absolutely nothing growing at the tumor site, and said she looked otherwise healthy. No immediate treatment was recommended since the mass has already been removed as much as possible.

Veterinarians believe that some cats are genetically predisposed to MCT’s. It is possible that Penny may have another mass at some point, but many cats get just one throughout their lifetime. According to the Veterinary Cancer Center, mast cell tumors account for 20% of cutaneous tumors in cats and over 90% of mast cell tumors are benign.

Thank goodness for a good prognosis! Penelope is a gorgeous cat and she deserves to live to a ripe old age in her forever home.

Penelope will need a re-check with the oncologist in January to make sure that the mass has not regrown, but we are optimistic! This sweet little fighter is still in the market for a forever home and will remain in Black Cat Rescue foster care until she finds one.

What are you waiting for?! Adopt me! 

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More information on feline mast cell tumors from the Veterinary Cancer Center’s Cancer Resource Center:


Flatbread Benefit for Black Cat Rescue!

On November 19, 2013, Flatbread Company in Somerville, Massachusetts hosted a huge successful benefit for Black Cat Rescue!

Our amazing banner hanging in Flatbread. This was created by BCR foster parent Holly!

From 5 p.m. to close, $1.75 from each small pizza ordered and $3.50 from each large pizza ordered was donated to Black Cat Rescue. In addition, Black Cat Rescue set up a table with BCR merchandise and information. We also sold raffle tickets for several amazing prizes  donated from generous local businesses and individuals.

Black Cat Rescue Co-Founder Jen, Adoption Coordinator Susanna, and Foster Coordinator Daisy at the Black Cat Rescue table at Flatbread Company in Somerville.

We set up a table at the entrance to Flatbread with merchandise, Black Cat Rescue brochures, cat adoption cards, and some of our raffle prizes on display! From here we swapped stories of our favorite black cats, sold raffle tickets, answered questions and had a great time!

BCR volunteer Kristen selling raffle tickets while Daisy and Social Media Coordinator Lisa swap cat stories!

It was a huge success! We raised approximately $1700 dollars for our cats! We were so pleased to see the community come out to support Black Cat Rescue. Meeting our supporters and chatting about black cats was so much fun, and the pizza was delicious! The raffle was also hugely successful– we have drawn the winners and contacted them. Prizes were generously donated by:

Did you miss it? You can still help Black Cat Rescue by making a donation here!

Where are they Meow? Salem!

It’s been a little while since Salem was adopted, and we received a little update on his new life!

Salem’s person, Alex, reports that he is settling in well and she is taking excellent care of him. Salem is a “purr monster” and loving his new home, especially his kitty lounger next to the couch.

Salem in one of his favorite places, on his lounger next to Alex.

Yay for Salem!