Meet Our Cats: Gwen

Look at those sad eyes.

We do our best to keep things upbeat around here, but the truth is, Gwen is sad. Gwen came to Black Cat Rescue when her beloved owner of 10 years became too ill to care for her. They were very bonded, and Gwen is completely disoriented without her Dad. After 10 years of dedication, Gwen’s life has been turned upside down.

Gorgeous Gwen!

For now, she’s very nervous in her foster home and can’t quite settle in. Our goal for all of our foster cats is to get them into their forever homes as soon as possible. In Gwen’s case, this is particularly important. We want Gwen to be comfortable in her own skin again as soon as possible.

Are you Gwen’s special person?

Gwen’s perfect home is out there! Gwen is 10 years old, spayed, just had her vaccines updated and is in great overall health. She will make a wonderful companion. A quieter home would be ideal. We do not know Gwen’s history with other animals, so, as always, introductions should be made slowly and carefully.

Gwen was deeply bonded with her former owner and we are absolutely sure she will bond again with another person who puts forth the time and effort to help Gwen learn to love again.

Gwen’s Adoption Profile:

Please visit to complete an Adoption Profile for this special cat. Gwen is in foster care in Billerica, MA.

You can also help Gwen by making a donation to Black Cat Rescue here.


7 responses to “Meet Our Cats: Gwen

  1. She’s such a pretty girl! You probably already know this, but give her some time. We adopted a young cat (yes he’s black!) and it took him SIX months to relax and come out from behind his hidey spot. Now he’s the most loving, crazy cat ever. We were very concerned about him, and wondered if he would ever adjust. Now, I’m glad we waited.

  2. Eugenia Rita Condos

    Thanks for posting about your black kitty, Jeff. Pretty girl Gwen will get her chance. She’s a very special kitty to bond so tightly with her owner, who she loved so much. Poor girl is going thru a struggle within herself right now. Still grieving (yes, animals do grieve) and trying to adjust to a new home right now. She doesn’t know she’s a foster so once she adjusts here she’ll have to do it again when adopted. No matter how long it takes she’ll find Love again & will eventually be a happy, loving girl. I have faith in her.

  3. It makes my heart ache to think of her grieving for her best friend. After I read her story, I had to go give my kitties a little extra love. . .

  4. I wish I was close by. 😦 I am grieving for my BabyCat now for 3 years. My husband rescued another cat for me, and I love her…but she does not love me. It’s been several years, so I know giving her time is not the issue. She just prefers the other people in my house to me, and is not a cuddling kind of cat. I’m heartsick that I don’t have a cat who loves me like BabyCat did. Not long after she left, my eldest daughter got married and moved away, and her name is Gwen. Maybe that’s why I feel drawn to this Gwen too, but I really feel for her, having been so close to her human.

  5. She sounds just like my Olive who was also lost her owner and was nervous. She hid under the bed for over a month only coming out to eat and use the litter box. Now we’re inseparable. ❤

  6. If I lived closer… I have always wanted a black cat but I am in Alabama. She’s beautiful though

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