Gwen’s Making Progress!

Gwen is a very skittish cat who recently came to Black Cat Rescue when her owner became too ill to care for her. Poor Gwen was heartbroken by her change in circumstances, and we could tell she really missed her former owner. After our last post, we have some progress to report!

Gwen is slowly warming up to her foster family! Before she was hiding and hissing whenever a person entered her room, now she is accepting of her foster family and affection. As we expected, she is a complete sweetheart! Gwen rubs on her foster family’s legs, loves to be pet, and has even spent some time relaxing in bed with her foster family.

A playful Gwen looking for affection!

Gwen is making great progress so far, and with some more work we bet she’ll turn into a regular lapcat. Are you the special person who will help Gwen continue to come out of her shell?

Gwen’s Adoption Profile:

Please visit to complete an Adoption Profile for this special cat. Gwen is in foster care in Billerica, MA.

You can also help Gwen by making a donation to Black Cat Rescue here.


2 responses to “Gwen’s Making Progress!

  1. Awww poor sweetie! Good to hear she’s making positive progress. She looks SOOOO adorable!


    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  2. I’m so happy for you’re a good girl and you truly deserved to be in a warm, caring, loving family like the one I have.

    mwah ❤ from Dulce, Gabby and MommyCathy

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