Happy Tails: Jack, Mia, Orion, and Samuel

Black Cat Rescue is pleased to announce the adoption of Jack, Mia, Orion, and Samuel!

Jack had a glamorous photoshoot with R.S. Buchanan in an attempt to find a new home. In December, he went home with his forever family.

Jack came to Black Cat Rescue as a 5 year old stray who was tested positive for FIV. Despite his background on the mean streets, Jack is one of the nicest and friendliest cats around. Jack spent just over a year in Black Cat Rescue foster care. Even after a few good adoption visits, Jack was still waiting for his forever home. The BCR family was mystified! In October, BCR set up a photoshoot with R.S. Buchanan to help Jack show the world how handsome he is. It took a few months, but eventually it clicked! Jack went home to his new family on December 23 and is starting the year off right!

Orion is happy in his new home!

Orion is a 1 year old black cat who was surrendered to a local shelter due to allergies in his previous family. Orion was terrified in a shelter environment and developed an upper-respiratory infection at the shelter. BCR was able to offer Orion a foster homes where he received some TLC until he was feeling better. His new family was originally looking for a kitten to grow up with their rabbit. When they met the young Orion  they were instantly in love! Orion has since gone home where he has been renamed Dr. Jones (Jonesy for short!) and was making himself at home within an hour of arriving.

Mia in her forever home with one of her new best friends!

Mia is a 5 year old cat who came to BCR after she was on the receiving end of some really terrible cat violence in her prior home. She came to Black Cat Rescue with the sniffles and some litterbox troubles. As soon as we placed her in an environment without other cats, she revealed her true self. Turns out, she is so gentle and loving! Mia is very sweet and spent only a few weeks in foster care before she was scooped up by her new family! Mia’s family includes 2 young boys, and we’re sure they will keep her on her toes. Mia went to her forever home in early January and has already charmed the boys and found her new best friends.

Samuel surveying his new home from a comfy spot on the bed.

Samuel struck gold in the new year– he went to his forever home! 2013 was tough for poor Samuel. He lost his owner and was living alone in her mobile home while family members and neighbors cared for him. After an electrical fire broke out in the home, it was evident that Samuel needed a permanent place to stay. Luckily, his caretakers contacted Black Cat Rescue. Ann and her daughter Lillian were looking for a playmate for their adult cat and Samuel was a perfect fit. He is now in his forever home and 2014 promises to be a great year for Samuel!


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