Meet Snoopy!



Black Cat Rescue now has its very own Snoopy…not to be confused with Snoopy the Dog. Adorable little Snoopy was dropped off at a local shelter with a case of flea allergy dermatitis and in need of basic vet care, including spay surgery. Snoopy was very scared in the shelter environment, and staff reached out to us to take Snoopy somewhere less intimidating. Black Cat Rescue foster care is a much better place for her to recover and regain her strength while she awaits her forever home. With some good vet care, nutrition and patience (along with a flea-free environment), Snoopy will be stealing hearts in no time!


3 responses to “Meet Snoopy!

  1. Autumn Offerman

    i want snoopy 😦

  2. I was curious on how much snoopy is? She’s adorable.

  3. What a beautiful cat and I would love to adopt her ❤

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