Happy Tails: Siren

Black Cat Rescue is very pleased to announce the adoption of Siren!

This 2 year old has a huge personality– half sassy diva and half goofball. She can almost always be found “supervising” the humans, bird-watching, or requesting treats on her back legs like a bunny! Throughout it all Siren purrs her very own (very loud!) background music.

Siren loves soaking up the sun in the window while she’s bird-watching. Now she gets to soak up the sun from the windows in her forever home!

We had quite a lot of time to get to know Siren– she was with us for 8 months! Even after several visits in her foster home, no one wanted to adopt Siren. She is a bit shy, but nothing out of the ordinary and the BCR volunteers were stumped.

Siren may be sassy, but it doesn’t mean she’s always graceful.

Turns out Siren was waiting for a very special adopter. When the time was right, there was no shyness to be had! Mary fell in love with Siren’s profile and quickly scheduled a visit. On the adoption visit Siren was definitely showing off! She let Mary pet her, give her treats, she played, and she rolled around on the floor like the cutie we always knew she is!  Siren is now living the life every black cat dreams of!

Siren has TONS of toys to play with in her new home. Let the panther out!

Congratulations to Siren and Mary! We wish you all the best and keep us posted!

To learn more about Black Cat Rescue, visit our website at http://www.blackcatrescue.com.

Donate to Black Cat Rescue on Paypal and help us get more great cats like Siren into loving forever homes.


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