Where are they Meow: Sprite

Sprite (formerly Vincent) was adopted from Black Cat Rescue in late 2013. Since then his adopter Jessica has kept us updated on this handsome young cat’s charmed life.

Vin Santo Sprite McSpriggins, aka Sprite (formerly Vincent).

Sprite hoping for treats.

Sprite (left) and his big brother Licorice Punch McFiggins, aka Fig.

Guilty faces! Fig (front) and Sprite have been up to something…



One response to “Where are they Meow: Sprite

  1. Precious and gorgeous. Cute names. Love your sleek glossy black cats. I have one whose ear was mistakenly tipped as a feral too because that’s what they did to anything that came into the clinic in a trap. But tame he was–just an abandoned or lost pet with no chip.

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