Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

Meet Lucy & her mitten paws!

If you pet me, I will act adorable, deal??

If you pet me….I will act adorable. Do we have a deal??

Lucy does a great Lil’ Bub impression when her tongue sticks out just a little bit.  She gets very relaxed when you pet her and her tongue slips out  and makes her look adorable! If that doesn’t melt your heart, her polydactyl, mitten paws should do the trick. She loves to pose for pictures and show off her cuteness! 

I like to look dainty and cross my mitten paws...

I like to look dainty and cross my mitten paws…

At 14 years old, she is a very low-maintenance kitty. Lucy would fit in at a home with other pets as the wise matriarch, or she would be happy to go to a quiet home where she can have lots of naps and watch reruns of The Golden Girls & I Love Lucy. 
Interested in bringing Lucy into your life? Fill out an adoption profile at:  goo.gl/eWAV7O