“Window Syl” wants out!

Sweet Sylvester came to Black Cat Rescue as an indoor/outdoor cat. Black Cat Rescue has a strict indoor only policy for all foster cats. We also require, as a term of our Adoption Agreement, that all adopted cats be kept indoors exclusively. At 13 years old, we thought he’d enjoy an indoor life where he could relax and take advantage of all the luxuries of indoor living. However, it seems that Sylvester has other ideas. He truly misses his time outdoors and expresses his unhappiness in a variety of ways. All day he will stare out the window, crying and longing to get out. After so many years of catching mice and other outdoor hi-jinx – he is just too unhappy inside the house all day.

"Window Syl" really feels like he is missing out on the outdoors action...

“Window Syl” really feels like he is missing out on the outdoors action…

While we strongly believe that indoor environments are safest for our cats, we are also committed to providing each cat in our care with the best possible, individualized adoption outcome. We are dedicated to getting Syl back to the adventurous life that made him so happy. At this time we are seeking a safe, indoor/outdoor home for Sylvester.

Sylvester is currently being fostered in Chelmsford, MA. Check out his adoption page for more details: http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/10382412-somerville-massachusetts-cat



3 responses to ““Window Syl” wants out!

  1. So sorry he is not here. All but 1 of my cats are indoor/outdoor. Most of my cats have lived to be 17-21 years old. Currently I have 2 senior (7 years old) and 4 youngsters(ages 2-4), all rescues.

  2. I have a 14 yr old male who is glad to stay indoors when it is cold and snowy… but when the temp gets above 40, he wants to be outside. We let him out for about an hour at a time. We NEVER leave any of our pets outside at night. We live in an isolated area, with no vehicle traffic. You can also put them outside for short stays on a leash. Window perches help, too. It’s a matter of making them happy…. and keeping them safe!

  3. Didn’t know u were on here before I’m. In jersey.. I try help. Strays on. Small scale I found few homes and adopted 3. Ones name sly! He’s been with me 9. Years.. stripe walked into yard 2 years. Hasn’t left. And my queen. As u see my profile. That’s my. Midget! My queen 2 years ago blinding snow storm christmas I looked out back. Here’s a tiny black fur ball….. sooo shovel in hand 2 hours later. And next day. Went vet. And. 10 days later? She hasn’t left my side and u are correct nooooo catshoud be outside anymore. … strickly in! Thnks. From sylvester stripe and midget

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