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Meet Kelsey – She is too cute for the street!

Kelsey was a neighborhood stray who landed herself in a trap meant for feral cats. She was taken to the vet by a kind soul who saw lots of thorns and sticky burrs caught up in her long, gorgeous fur. She got some patches of her beautiful fur shaved off to remove the debris – but she got a clean bill of health otherwise. She is ready to let her luxurious fur grow back to its full fluff potential.

After the tumultuous past few weeks, Kelsey is a bit frightened and nervous but we completely understand.  A bad hair cut and a new living situation would leave anyone a little off-kilter!

Well,  I am NEVER going to that hairdresser again!!

Well, I am NEVER going to that hairdresser again!!

Thank goodness she is currently in a Black Cat Rescue foster home receiving lots of love and stability. A familiar routine in a foster home will be key to regaining her trust and getting her ready to settle into her forever home.

Think you have what it takes to spoil Kelsey rotten and restore her faith in us humans? Visit her adoption page:  http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/10479085-somerville-massachusetts-cat

Meet Reno and Vegas – Double Trouble!!

Reno and Vegas came to Black Cat Rescue as a last-minute surprise. It took a little fancy footwork for us to make room for a pair of cats, but after receiving a picture of them snuggled up together, we are so happy that we were able to keep them together – it is quite clear they would be lost without each other.

Care to join our cuddle puddle??

Care to join our cuddle puddle??

These sweet boys were being fed outside by an elderly person who subsequently passed away. They kept hanging around the house looking sad, and a family member sought our help. Now these two handsome guys are safe indoors, loving their food, treats and toys (not to mention one another)! They would love to find a forever home together and never scrounge for food outdoors again.

Not sure which toy you like best? Better to keep them all!

Not sure which toy you like best? Better to keep them all!  Well played, Vegas!

This pair of young boys are adoptable and adorable. Visit their adoption page for more info: http://www.adoptapet.com/shelter77098-pets.html


Meet Nicky and Zuzu…. The sister cats!

Nicky & Zuzu are littermates and have lived all their 6 years of life together. Their owner recently passed away and now it’s time for them to find a new human to spoil with their love and companionship.

Zuzu  is a dog-lover and loves to roll around and play.  She can entertain herself for hours with a cardboard box – no expensive toys required. 

Oh, did you want to sit here. ....on OUR couch???

Oh, did you want to sit here…on OUR couch??? (Zuzu – Top & Nicky – Bottom)

Nicky loves to play hunting games and has a great pounce! She also likes to curl up in bed for snuggles.

Nicky & Zuzu have tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Basically, cats who have this virus may have a weaker immune system. Luckily, house cats are indoors & safe from most illness that can effect cats.  This means with a little extra consideration, they are expected to live long and healthy lives.

You can learn more about FIV here: http://bestfriends.org/feline-immunodeficiency-virus.aspx

Nicky & Zuzu are available for adoption as a pair or separately.