Where are they Meow? Sprite!

We received the sweetest email from Sprite (formerly Vincent) and his family about the upcoming anniversary of his adoption.

“11 months ago I was living on the streets with my furry feral family. These days, I am lounging in my Martha Stewart boat bed and dreaming of how I will spend my “Gotcha Day” next month. My forever family and I will celebrate with my favorite…lobster! A million thanks to BCR for seeing the potential in me and to my foster moms for babysitting me until Mum, Dad, and Fig came along.”

Love, Vin Santo Sprite McSpriggins
Formerly Vincent”
sprite newest

Vin Santo Sprite McSpriggins, aka Sprite, lounging on his boat bed and contemplating the wonders of life in his forever home.


One response to “Where are they Meow? Sprite!

  1. We had a neighbor pass away at 30 due to a serious health problem we were crushed as she was a wonderful person who loved not only life but black cats. Her cat go out around the ambulance and saw her die and ran off. The family was worried..she had said that she wanted me to have him if she died. A scream from the bluff rang out my husband answered and the next day he walked into our house and the dog even knew him. We took him to the vet and cared for him…guess what …it was the cat she wanted me to have. We are now looking for a rescued female black cat.

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