Where Are They Meow: Pepper and Penny

Pepper and Penny (formerly Sinbad and May) were adopted from Black Cat Rescue in November 2014.

Sinbad and May wrestling in the sun at a Black Cat Rescue foster home.

Pepper and Penny wrestling in the sun at a Black Cat Rescue foster home.

This pair are brother and sister in spirit, but not by blood: Pepper was between 6 months and a year old when he arrived and Penny was just a bitty thing! Very shy, but curious, they were found living in a campground over the summer. A local cat rescuer trapped and altered them before she sought out Black Cat Rescue’s help in getting this beautiful pair into a new home together.

Over their time with Black Cat Rescue, Pepper and Penny started coming out of their shells. Pepper became more trusting with humans, while Penny went through a growth spurt and developed the silliest playing persona with growling and hilarious wild jumps.

Pepper and Penny have always been a playful pair.

Pepper and Penny have always been a playful pair.

In November, Danielle and her family adopted Pepper and Penny from Black Cat Rescue and provided them with a loving home to grow in and continue to develop into the perfect companions.

I've almost got it!

Teaching his little sister the ropes– Pepper bats at the toy while Penny looks on in their foster home.

Pepper and Penny are doing brilliantly and they are definitely feeling at home! We received a great update from Danielle and we’re so happy to share some details of their new life.

Pepper has really started to come out of his shell. He still prefers quiet, but he’s really bonded to Danielle. He seeks her out to rub against her legs, sleeps with (read: on top of) her in bed at night, and purrs up a storm the whole time. Pepper is shy of the kids, but making progress. Danielle jokes, ” He’ll even let the kids pet him IF they’re in our bed AND being quiet, AND under the covers AND laying down.” Baby steps!

Pepper in his forever home-- he certainly looks like he's adjusting well to the cuddly life!

Pepper in his forever home. His new mom says, “He still has a lot of little idiosyncrasies, but I really feel like he’s come a long way since November.”

Penny has found a favorite human in Danielle’s husband and she really enjoys cuddling with him while he holds her. Since Penny is still practically a kitten, she’s a handful and gets into everything. Danielle makes sure she’s well-stocked with toys to keep her occupied, especially since Penny loves carrying her little mouse toys around the house with her.  But there’s always mischief afoot! Danielle reports, “the other night she ‘liberated’ a bag of pom-poms from the kids’ art supplies and scattered them all over the house for us to find in the morning.  :)”
Penny sure has grown! She looks so regal at the top of her cat tower in her forever home.

Penny sure has grown! She looks so regal at the top of her cat tower in her forever home– not at all like a pom-pom thief.

We were so glad to catch up with Pepper, Penny and their new forever family. We wish Danielle and her family all the best with this dynamic duo and we hope to hear more in the future!

Learn more about Black Cat Rescue and our mission at www.blackcatrescue.com.

Donate to Black Cat Rescue and help create more happy endings for black cats.


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