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Skyler Needs Your Help!

Skyler is a sweet five-year-old girl who, though shy, purrs readily when you pet her (and really loves to be brushed). She’s so sweet, in fact, that you’d never guess how hard her life has been! When Animal Control took her from a hoarding situation last summer, Skyler was skinny, scared, and very sick. Not only did she have severe dental issues that made it too painful for her to eat, but her left eye was stuck shut with thick, green goo.

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Animal Control transferred Skyler to a local shelter, where she had surgery to remove most of her teeth. The surgery helped with the dental disease, and Skyler started eating again because she wasn’t in so much pain. Her eye didn’t get better, though, even after a long course of antibiotics. The shelter was afraid that Skyler would have chronic discharge for the rest of her life, and that she would never be adopted because of it.

That’s when Skyler came to Black Cat Rescue.

Black Cat Rescue immediately made arrangements for Skyler to get the specialized care that she needed for her eye. Her doctor discovered that a long-term infection had created a hole between Skyler’s eye socket and her tear duct system. The infection was cause by a bacteria only rarely seen in small animals.

The good news is that the culture results helped Skyler’s doctor prescribe new, more effective antibiotics. The bad news, however, is that this is a serious infection requiring long-term treatment—and in order to plan this treatment, Skyler’s doctor needs to order more tests. We need to know as much as we can about how Skyler got infected, as well as how much damage the infection has already done. She’s been responding well to treatment so far!


The next step for Skyler is to get a CAT scan of her skull. Information from the CAT scan will not only help inform a treatment plan for Skyler, but will also shed some light on what Skyler’s life might be like after her treatment is completed.

Even with generous discounts, getting Skyler healthy again will be an expensive undertaking. The CAT scan will cost over a thousand dolalrs, and Skyler will need months of antibiotic therapy. She may also need more surgery to remove infected teeth or bone. We think Skyler is worth it, though, and we’re determined to help her heal so that she can find her forever home.

To do this, we’re setting a fundraising goal of $3,000. We will post updates via social media.

Can you help sweet, gentle Skyler get the treatment she needs?

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Any funds raised in excess of Skyler’s needs will go toward other Black Cat Rescue veterinary expenses.