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Skyler Needs Your Help!

Skyler is a sweet five-year-old girl who, though shy, purrs readily when you pet her (and really loves to be brushed). She’s so sweet, in fact, that you’d never guess how hard her life has been! When Animal Control took her from a hoarding situation last summer, Skyler was skinny, scared, and very sick. Not only did she have severe dental issues that made it too painful for her to eat, but her left eye was stuck shut with thick, green goo.

See image of Skyler when she first came to Black Cat Rescue >

Help us raise $3,000 for Skyler’s care.

Animal Control transferred Skyler to a local shelter, where she had surgery to remove most of her teeth. The surgery helped with the dental disease, and Skyler started eating again because she wasn’t in so much pain. Her eye didn’t get better, though, even after a long course of antibiotics. The shelter was afraid that Skyler would have chronic discharge for the rest of her life, and that she would never be adopted because of it.

That’s when Skyler came to Black Cat Rescue.

Black Cat Rescue immediately made arrangements for Skyler to get the specialized care that she needed for her eye. Her doctor discovered that a long-term infection had created a hole between Skyler’s eye socket and her tear duct system. The infection was cause by a bacteria only rarely seen in small animals.

The good news is that the culture results helped Skyler’s doctor prescribe new, more effective antibiotics. The bad news, however, is that this is a serious infection requiring long-term treatment—and in order to plan this treatment, Skyler’s doctor needs to order more tests. We need to know as much as we can about how Skyler got infected, as well as how much damage the infection has already done. She’s been responding well to treatment so far!


The next step for Skyler is to get a CAT scan of her skull. Information from the CAT scan will not only help inform a treatment plan for Skyler, but will also shed some light on what Skyler’s life might be like after her treatment is completed.

Even with generous discounts, getting Skyler healthy again will be an expensive undertaking. The CAT scan will cost over a thousand dolalrs, and Skyler will need months of antibiotic therapy. She may also need more surgery to remove infected teeth or bone. We think Skyler is worth it, though, and we’re determined to help her heal so that she can find her forever home.

To do this, we’re setting a fundraising goal of $3,000. We will post updates via social media.

Can you help sweet, gentle Skyler get the treatment she needs?

Please donate today.

Any funds raised in excess of Skyler’s needs will go toward other Black Cat Rescue veterinary expenses.

2 Delicious Ways to Help Black Cats

We’re celebrating this fall in style with not one, but TWO fundraising programs you do not want to miss. All you have to do is eat chocolate and pizza.
Chocolate in October | Pizza in November

We know, it’s really a lot to ask. But, it’s for the kitties!

Eat Chocolate in October

Boston Chocolate Tours & School is helping us take October back for black cats!

20% of profits from tours and workshops that take place in October will go towards Black Cat Rescue fundraising efforts when you use the code BLACKCATEat chocolate and help save some kitty lives!

boston chocolate making workshops

Eat Pizza in November

cat pizza

Come enjoy some delicious pizza at Flatbread Somerville and support Black Cat Rescue!

From 5:00 pm to closing on November 19, $3.50 from each large pizza purchased and $1.75 from each small pizza purchased will be donated to Black Cat Rescue. We will also be hanging out, selling Black Cat Rescue merchandise and spreading the word about black cat adoption!

Want to stay in the know? RVSP on EvenBrite to get updates.

Help Xena, Warrior Kitty!

black cat rescue boston
Xena is an incredibly sweet 13 year old black cat living with diabetes. She was abandoned in her carrier outside of a shelter with a copy of her medical record.

Xena is a very loving cat and deserves some extra TLC during her senior years.

Xena is presently safe and warm in a Black Cat Foster home, getting lots of love from our compassionate Foster Care Coordinator, Daisy. However, the insulin that she requires is very expensive and the cost of her care is mounting rapidly. We have spent over $1,500 so far, and she will require this type of care for the rest of her life.

Xena is a cat that many organizations would have turned away.

She is not “adoptable” by most common standards. However, we believe that Xena has lots more love to give! Please consider helping out a senior black cat with special needs by donating toward the cost of her medical care.

donate to black cat rescue

2012: Black Cat Rescue Blog in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. You all made 2012 quite an amazing year, so we wanted to share the love (and fireworks). Now let’s blow 2013 out of the water!

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 51,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 12 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

My sweetest friend died today.

We get to participate in a lot of happy tails and shining moments at Black Cat Rescue. At times, we are also honored by those who share heart warming stories of friendship and loss with our volunteers. This is one of those stories.


My sweetest friend died today.

I found him in a dumpster in 2002 when he was 6-8 weeks old.  Outside a convenience store in Montgomery, TX.  He was the only one alive in a box with 3 dead siblings.  A jet black cat with no hope for any future.

I named him Emanon, which is “No name” backwards, because I had no clue what to call him.

He developed diabetes.  I was told I should just put him to sleep, but I could no more do that to him than I could my own child.

We have these … these cats, you know?

They’re stubborn and independent.  They don’t care if we call them unless there’s food involved.  They will never protect us.  We’re not part of their “pack”.  They understand only a basic level of territoriality.  They know where they can be, won’t be, shouldn’t be, and will never be.

They know who we are.  They recognize us, our faces, our voices, our smells, our mannerisms.  They know who to turn to for ear rubs and belly scratches, should the mood present itself.

We sit in utter exasperation at their litter box smells and constant whining and they live in constant frustration at us for limiting their perching space and closing off their roaming territories.  We chastise them for tearing up our furniture while they exist in a state of utter terror that we might, at any time, vacuum the rug.

We equally hate and love each other, but we need each other.  They accept who we are, no matter how drunk or poor or old; and we accept them for the occasional humor and purrs and quiet moments in the early morning over coffee.

They are like us.  Their loyalty is fleeting, their trust easily destroyed, their forgiveness not easily earned; but their friendship lasts beyond death.

When you lose a cat you don’t lose a pet.  You lose a piece of yourself.

I just wanted to share that.

Emanon the cat.This is Emanon. His family sent us the last picture they took of him. We have never met Emanon. We have never met his family. However, we are very touched that Emanon’s family shared this story with us recently. It reminds us about the greatness of simple things, things are truly monumental in all of our lives. Rest in peace, friend.

Happy Tail Anniversary: Beatrice

happy tail black cat

happy tail black catBeatrice was once a playful little 5 months old kitten looking for her forever home with Black Cat Rescue. She even spent a day teaching first graders about kindness to animals, and allowed all 25 kids to snuggle her! She is now celebrating a happy tail anniversary before the holidays!

“It’s been a while, and since it’s so close to her adoption anniversary, I thought you might like a couple recent pictures of Beatrice. She’s still awesome!” ~ Beatrice’s Mom

Yelp Really Does Help!

When we originally heard about Yelp Helps: Hop to It! through the Young Non-profit Professionals, we had no idea what to expect. The concept sounded epic. Yelp and One Brick Boston pairing Boston’s best craft beer with some of Boston’s best volunteer-driven nonprofits? Benefiting Arts at the Armory in Somerville? Free?! Yes, please.

We just had a few challenges…

  1. Black Cat Rescue is supported by a very small team of volunteers. VERY small. Plus, we all have full-time jobs, rely heavily on public transportation and have cats to save! Staffing a table for up to eight hours would be quite a task.
  1. We don’t have a shelter. We don’t have a main office. People cannot come and visit our kitties for socializing play time. Our primary volunteer opportunity is fostering, which is a (completely worthwhile) commitment for people. Recruiting at a tabling event wouldn’t be easy.
  1. The table had to be interactive. But, we couldn’t bring cats. How do you get people to visit a table instead of a beer tap without kittens?!

Still, we decided to take the plunge…

The best thing about a boot strap group of volunteers is that we’re always up for a challenge…or two….or three. Luckily, we were partnered with rock star Rori  from Baxter Brewing and she kicked butt. Seriously, we couldn’t have asked for a better table buddy. Check out the signs they posted!

And since we couldn’t bring the kittens to the people, we decided to bring the people to the kittens! An amazing fellow animal advocate created the cutest video ever earlier this year promoting the adoption of black cats. Yelp Helps: Hop to It! hooked us up with an outlet, Chris sent us the video file and we ran the kitten cuteness on loop throughout the event. It was a hit! People where mesmerized from across the room by these ninja cuddlers.

The event was a HUGE success!

20 local beers + 20 local volunteering opportunities + 800 Yelpers = A tasting/expo hybrid the world has never seen.  Several attendees filled out Black Cat Rescue foster applications on the spot. We spoke with a few people who are itching to volunteer for marketing campaigns. And best of all, we won the $435 door prize with all of our supporters blowing up the Yelp Boston twitter feed! That’s right. There was a popularity contest and our kitties won. A BIG thank you goes out to Yelp Boston, OneBrick, Baxter Brewing and our network of supporters.

Oh yeah, and we gave away black cat Webkinz. It was pretty awesome.

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