Meet Wizard…

Wizard is a well rounded 2 year old cat. He loves to clown around and be the center of attention.  Unfortunately, he needs to find a new landlord who is cat-friendly. Wizard knows what it means to be a good pet. He will provide entertainment with all of his antics and snuggle time when he wants to sleep.  Check out this silly guy!

Wizard says "This is my kissy face!!! Mwah!!!"

Wizard says “This is my kissy face!!! Mwah!!!”

2 responses to “Meet Wizard…

  1. did he find a home?

  2. I am looking for a black cat, preferably long-haired, but that’s not so important. I lost my black bubba and my two other cats and I would love to find a friendly cat who could fit in with our family. I really want a male, 1-2 years old, friendly, and able to be picked up..(in case he needs to be pilled, or when the petsitter comes to cut his nails). I am in Norwalk, CT., but would travel for the right puddy. I’m an author who writes humor books (about what? Cats, of course), no kids, one loving husband. Can you help us???? Oh, is wizard good with other cats? Has he been fixed and had all his shorts? Is he friendly???? thanks for any info you can give me and hoping you can find me a loving black cat.

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