Happy Tails: Snoopy

Snoopy was left at a large, traditional animal shelter half-bald from a bad case of fleas by an owner who couldn’t afford a vet.  At the shelter Snoopy was very scared and hissed a lot, so the staff contacted Black Cat Rescue.  The shelter kept her to be spayed, and then she came to a tranquil Black Cat Rescue foster home where she could relax.

It’s a bald cat! Poor Snoopy came to Black Cat Rescue with severe hairloss from flea dermatitis.

At first, Snoopy was absolutely dejected. Snoopy’s foster mom, Susanna, actually brought her to the vet because she was convinced something must be wrong for Snoopy to be so sad.  Poor Snoopy didn’t leave her cat bed in an upstairs bedroom except to eat, and she wasn’t interested in her foster family or their cat.  Bit by bit, Snoopy got more into petting and snuggles and would hiss and bite less.  She timidly explored the house once or twice, but quickly returned to her cat bed upstairs.
Snoopy meeting her housemate, BCR alum Olivia.

Snoopy meeting her housemate, BCR alum Olivia.

Susanna started dragging the cat bed to the landing at the top of the stairs so Snoopy could check things out from afar.  One day Susanna lured her downstairs with some tasty wet food and something snapped in Snoopy . . . she practically became a new cat overnight! From that day on, Snoopy spent most of her time on her foster parents’ laps getting lots of cuddles. Throughout it all, Snoopy’s fur was slowly growing back and she had gained a little weight (this little girl is tiny!  7.25lbs!).
Snoopy's gorgeous eyes would catch any adopter's heart!

Snoopy’s gorgeous eyes would catch any adopter’s heart!

Nicole contacted BCR because she and her boyfriend were looking for a kitten. BCR matched her her Snoopy and Wizard, two young cats, and set up visits to both foster homes to visit them.  Nicole visited Snoopy first, and instantly fell in love!  Check out photo from the adoption visit below.  Susanna warned them that in the new home Snoopy might be scared at first.  Not so at all– Snoopy slept in their bed that night!
Snoopy wowing Nicole on her adoption visit!

Snoopy wowing Nicole and her boyfriend on the adoption visit!

Black Cat Rescue could not be happier for Snoopy to be in a happy, loving home.
Yay for Snoopy!

Yay for Snoopy! This goofy girl deserves all the love in the world.


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